Glacier I.C.E., Inc. is a Florida-based company, founded in 1993 with additional offices in Sun Valley, ID and Germany. Glacier principals Anita Hartshorn and Frank Sweiding are World Professional Champions. They are two of the most widely admired and respected ice skaters and ice event producers in the world. Frank Sweiding - President - Over 30 years of experience in entertainment including performing, managing shows, and treasurer of Ice Capades. His business background enables him to run Glacier's projects firmly on budget.

Anita Hartshorn - VP - Production & Talent, Casting for many productions and events around the world. She literally knows the talent pool of skaters and acts as well as anyone in the business.

Simone Grigorescu – Choreography – World Professional Ladies Champion – Has choreographed numerous productions for Glacier I.C.E., inc. as well as productions for Holiday On Ice, Disney On Ice, and may more.

Randy Coyne – Management (Europe)

Marc Alexander - Management (North America)

Ian Green – Performance Director

The Glacier Ice team has an active performing schedule and has had numerous productions all over the world. Years in North America, Europe and the Far East give Glacier Ice the latest personnel connections with entertainment talent around the World.

Our personal competitive and professional careers give us an edge over other companies. We know the talent personally and are in unique position to choose the best available talent for making a cohesive cast that is able to put on a great show day after day. We have learned that personally knowing the people we hire makes for much stronger shows.