"Relight my Fire" - Phantasialand 2015 Season
"15 year anniversary Show" Phantasialand Germany
"Country on the Rocks"
"Winter Dreams" - Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, Germany
"Qi" - Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin
"Sizzlin City Ice" - Sea World of California National Governors Association Conference Show Featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano
"Footloose on Ice" Featuring Olympic Medalist Nancy Kerrigan "Ice Fantastique" - Busch Gardens Willamsburg, VA
"Halloween on Ice" for ESPN Featuring World & Olympic Champions
"Cool Country" - Freestyle Music Park
"Great Adventure Tour" - Anheuser Busch US Tour Featuring Olympic Medalist Jozef Sabovick
"Aspen Winterskol Show" - Aspen, Colorado
Sun Valley Ice Shows